Project Description

Being able to visualize a space is a crucial factor in choosing a venue. When visiting the site isn’t an option, and flat photographs don’t offer enough information, event planners need a different way to decide if the space is a good fit for the occasion. Coast 2 Coast created Go360 Interactive Tours to help venues overcome this limitation.

Using hundreds of high-resolution images and professional equipment, Coast 2 Coast Go360 virtual tours allows potential visitors to see the space as if they were there in person. They effectively walk through the facility and look around in 360 degrees. From the dimensions and layout of the space to the lighting and appearance, these tours help visitors visualize their event using any internet-connected device. With the ability to add the logo and branding, custom navigation and contact links, or add text/audio/video options, Go360 is a proven and powerful communication tool.

Event organizers save time, plan better, and gain confidence in their decision to book the venue. “The team loves having the extra hand,” says the property’s event coordinator.  “Potential clients, especially the younger group, are ‘virtually’ inviting others to visit the space with them. My staff has noticed that they are booking our spaces faster and have fewer people requesting multiple revisits since using virtual tour technology.”

Today, the way we think about venues and events is changing, and the rising number of millennial event planners means technology is a larger part of the planning process.  From how clients book venues, to how they interact on-site, to what happens after the meeting, everything is now supported by technology.  Venues are all about the experience and our interactive tour has become a great way to create an exceptional experience for clients – right from the start.