Project Description


In 2009, during some of the worst times for new-vehicle sales, Subaru officials decided to make a radical shift in the branding approach. They decided Subaru would be repositioned as a value brand – outdoorsy and pragmatic. The move shifted the company away from competition with European premium brands such as Volvo and Audi; a plan that began when Subaru launched its previous-generation Legacy sedan and Outback wagon in 2004.

As Subaru began to assess its U.S. based storefronts, Philadelphia Sign Company engaged Coast 2 Coast to conduct sign surveys for the nationwide re-branding campaign. At the cornerstone of the implementation was the tactical inventory and assessment for each dealership.

The Coast 2 Coast approach ensured a complete understanding and actionable intel.

Step 1: Establish the Perimeter

The process began with a survey the surroundings that identified sign locations. With a site plan established, the Coast 2 Coast team surveyed each sign for precise measurements. The smaller indoor signs were then inventoried. Along with documenting the signs and measurements, the field team thoroughly photographed the building and signage.

Step 2: Get the Big Picture

An ABS survey detailed the fundamental configuration of the signs. After capturing this overall picture, straight-on shot of the building, accompanied with section and angle building shots, and far and near signage shots in order from most to least expensive. Close ups of large pylon signs documented double-sided and single-sided construction.

Step 3: Go Above and Beyond

While in the field, the team recognized the small indoor pop signage (stamps or stickers on the walls inside the building) were not specifically included in the scope of work. Knowing it would be needed to complete the project, they documented their findings. Upon retrieval, Philadelphia Signs was pleased to have the information and used it well.

The team completed on-site surveys at each location, gathering measurement information, inventory and photographs of the signage. Coast 2 Coast delivered this complete documentation for brand books to Philadelphia Sign Company who used the reference material to finish the Subaru re-branding project.