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What do campus facilities, industrial operations, transportation hubs, and large commercial spaces all have in common?  The people, places and things all have to be managed in an ever-changing, always-on environment.

For facility executives overseeing asset management, facility maintenance and emergency preparedness, as well as for project decision makers involved in master planning, space management and construction/renovation clear communication is critical and is often one of the most difficult tasks of the job.

Born of our years of experience in architectural surveys, 3D modeling, and visualization services for architects, our Go360 Interior Mapping platform combines 3D laser scanning and 360° photography to provide a fast, easy snapshot of your facility.

Every Project

  • Build a digital twin of systems & spaces

  • Map & measure large facilities in hours

  • Integrate other data throughout projects

Every Day

  • Collaborate online with team & experts

  • Offer general & emergency wayfinding

  • Manage construction & maintenance

Today we have a robust platform to digitize the great indoors. Collaborate more efficiently with stakeholders.  Annotate changes and integrate with facility management software.

After our team surveys the property and maps out the interior, the data is then securely online and is accessed with any internet-connected device. It provides a ‘private’ collaboration platform for remote stakeholders to virtually walk-through each facility and see the real-world existing conditions or renovation progress in your properties. Create a public view a reference point for property space, contents and components. Share publically as a virtual tour guide to help route guests and staff.

With our Trolley Scanner, we can:

  • Completely map indoor environment to scale
  • Integrate additional data collected from laser scanners and other industry tools
  • Measure distances, analyze deviations and annotate points of interest
Laser Scan Trolley
Indoor Viewer Platform

With our Indoor Viewer, we can:

  • Interact with the virtual environment using any browser or device
  • Create custom-designed points of interest with HTML5
  • Control public and private access
  • Leverage links in facility management software
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We strive to find new methods and technologies that seamlessly integrate with your team.

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