AsBuilt Surveys

Existing Condition Documents

From a single floor plan to a complete set of as-built documents with a mechanical system review, the Coast 2 Coast national field surveying team uses the latest in laser technology to accurately document existing conditions.  Laser scanners, laser distance meters, Total Stations and computer software combine to create a sophisticated workflow that allows us to complete drawing on-site and quickly verify information.  Documenting existing conditions help makes the design process run smoothly.

Gone are the days of wondering whether or not you have the most current information relating to the project. Today, project stakeholders can feel confident having the most recent, most accurate documents available with as-built surveys in hand.

Why Survey

A finished structure seldom corresponds exactly to the original plans in every detail. Architects, designers and building owners receive the intelligence they need to make informed decisions about their renovation and restoration projects and stay on schedule.

As-built surveys create an up to date documentation of the interior layout of spaces which may have changed over the years, document deviations from the architect’s original design, and how changes from previous construction. With an up-to-date existing condition base plan, the design team has a huge head start in the design process.

The investment made upfront in the survey process is more than offset by the resulting reduction or elimination of costly re-work and change orders.


  • Floor Plans
  • Reflected Ceiling Plans
  • Furniture/Fixture Layouts
  • MEP System Details
  • Elevations
  • Cross Sections
  • Site Plans
  • Roof Plans
  • Above Ceiling Details

How it Works

We utilize a Laser to CAD system for surveying and creating as-built floor plans. The workflow typically allows us to create drawings on-site in hours instead of days. Our commitment to training our own staff in using cutting-edge equipment and leveraging tested, proven and trusted best-practices means we maintain the highest standard of accuracy and detail in our work. Because we generate as-built documentation so efficiently, it expedites the rest of the process for our clients.

For standard as-built surveys, the Coast 2 Coast team uses surveying equipment recognized and approved for instrumental precision to get the job done. Combining the Disto laser distance meters and customized Total Stations ensures accurate measurements. For as-built surveys with complex geometry or limited access, we utilize laser scanning technology. We also have an array of other 360º capture tools perfect for site visualization.


It’s true with any project – the better you plan, the more you know,


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