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Coast 2 Coast 3D rendering services can make a tremendous difference when designing for renovation, retrofit, and restoration projects.  Using a digital model with dimensions in proportion to the final product, the designer will add photorealistic textures and lighting to the model so that you can see exactly what it will look like in real life. These 3D renders offer both versatility and flexibility to visualize changes to existing structures and landscapes, or even re-imagine them entirely.

High-Resolution 3D renderings help Architects, Interior Designers, and Real Estate Developers showcase their vision for new builds and renovations. It’s not as hard as you think.

How Does it Work?

Using a 3D model of structural elements, architectural features, and building ornamentation, we produce 3D rendered images and animations. Models may be built by the Coast 2 Coast in-house modeling team or supplied from existing client files. When clients provide the model, we review the element characteristics to determine if additional details are necessary. For instance, if knob or trim details were missing from cabinets, we could revise the moded to include those characteristics.

The 3D scene could include a single view or be a complex series of objects, animations, and landscapes intertwined. During this step, delivery options are reviewed, and desired colors, furnishings, and textures are defined. Determining which backdrops, paths, and design details to feature in the finished product can be done using project plans, similar renderings, or photographs of similar buildings.

The team begins by applying materials and textures to the Revit Model(s). Next, specialists set up the lighting and cameras using industry-leading software including, Lumion and 3DS Max. Scene elements – often those from the actual site – are incorporated into the virtualized environment. Additional features like weather, people, and vehicle animations, are integrated to make the imagery come to life. The final scene, built through 3D modeling and animation techniques, produces low-resolution sample(s) for your review and feedback.

Coast 2 Coast makes 2 – 3 revisions a standard part of our rendering service. While often no modification is necessary, we provide you with low resolutions samples to make final adjustments easy. One of the most desirable aspects of including 3D renderings is controlling those little details that set you apart.

When working with other people in the design team, visualization might be easy enough using CAD or simplified models. However, making others understand it can be time-consuming and even frustrating for customers. Immersive 3D renderings, on the other hand, are easy to understand for everyone. Not only is it impressive to potential clients during the selection process, but it also has proven to save time and cut construction costs. With 3D renderings, customers know precisely what they’re getting, which often equates to fewer design changes after construction begins.

Delivery Options

    Video animation is perfect for getting a comprehensive view of the look and feel of the space, the layout of the building, and the design features.
    Choose to focus only on the building in perspective or include surrounding features like streetscapes, vegetation, and other significant landmarks. Add lighting conditions for morning, daylight, or dusk hours. Make the scene come to life with animations of people, season/weather effects, etc.
    Show one room at a time or include a view that captures specific paths. Capture key vantage points and interior design elements in single rooms. Include hallways to amenities or doorways to public spaces to feature the layout as a whole.
    Aerial views showcase the property from above and are incredibly useful when explaining how the new building will fit into the existing environment. Typically, these renderings incorporate elements from the adjacent areas and focus on the landscape and surrounding structures.



Seamless Project Delivery

Our 3D rendering designers work in tandem with other members of your support team, including project managers, modelers, and laser scan technicians, which means immediate interoperability and cooperation with your teams.

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