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Automated Inspection & Measurement (A.I.M.) - UAV Technical Surveys
UAV Technical Surveys

UAV Technical Surveys are increasingly finding a place on job sites of any size. AIM (Automated Inspection and Measurement) makes it easy to collect and process aerial data while seamlessly integrating with existing workflows. šThe industry has been pursuing the idea of “reality capture” and using technology to measure progress during construction, to monitor stockpiles, for inspection of industrial structures like cell towers, solar farms, and pipelines or even for insurance claim adjudication. UAVs are ideally suited to the task.

Coast 2 Coast’s FAA-licensed UAV pilots quickly and unobtrusively acquire data for large facilities, capture inaccessible areas, and analyze point-in-time variations in reoccurring flight paths.  We put this intelligence work by measuring distances, taking cross-sections, and extracting volumetric data. The data we generate and our capacity to integrate with terrestrial scans and third-party sources also enhance deliverables. It’s a powerful combination of tools, team, and tech, that allows us to create true end-to-end solutions for our clients.

Automated Inspection & Measurement (A.I.M.)

Elevate your Project Management

AIM for Productivity:
Detect and measure change with visual progress reports

AIM for Safety:
Use UAVs to avoid worksite dangers and risky climbs

AIM for Clarity:
Monitor projects and gain visibility into root causes of problems

AIM for Accuracy:
Calculate volumetric data and deviations in the supply chain

AIM for Efficiency:
Manage assets, establish logistics and ensure proper sequencing

Capture hard-to-see project spaces.

When you can have insight into the data, you can identify, study, and fix problems more quickly and efficiently.


  • Support construction and infrastructure asset management with inspection reports
  • Calculate volumetric data on construction sites, quarries and mining operations
  • Detect changes with color overlays of point-in-time images, distance charts, and orthomosaic maps


  • Build a cohesive point cloud for visualization, measurements and 3D modeling
  • Augment UAV data with legacy survey data or information provided by third parties like professional land surveyors
  • Easily collect and process aerial data to seamlessly integrate with existing workflows


  • See progress via time-lapse video with repeatable automated flight plans scheduled at project milestones
  • Collect data pre-project for site investigation or historic preservation purposes
  • Tailor your service by integrating emergent technologies to better meet your needs
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