Industrial enterprises are focused on plans to optimize asset utilization, streamline operations, and improve productivity. The rapid proliferation of business analytics and business intelligence capabilities means better, cheaper, faster becomes more obtainable in manufacturing. The Internet of Things (IoT) has made production data readily available and many executives are wondering about how to begin, what exactly they need, and where to start.

These concepts call for a complete “digital twin” of all assets – tools, materials, and products – used in the production process. At Coast 2 Coast, we specialize in precision laser scanning and 3D visualization solutions and help you jump-start the process by providing the foundational data of the space.

Relevant Projects

Our 3D Modeling Services

Modeling also has a place as many current applications of “digital twins” and “smart BIM” use modeling as a building block for simulations. We create foundational BIM data by developing building in a collaborative 3D framework.

  • Versatility. Facility applications ingest industry-standard models (i.e. Revit, CAD) or have conversion filters using these formats
  • Scalability. Additional data can be added to your existing Revit 3D model. For example, your project needs may include MEP equipment in subsequent phases
  • Relevance. We’ll attach requested data and segment models into separate disciplines as needed for clash detection and resolution

Our Asbuilt Surveys

Determine both the building geometry and precise locations of objects. It’s also a pragmatic approach for capturing anchors and gateways or other IoT fixed devices within the physical environment.

  • Flexibility. We’ll format data and deliverables to integrate with Middleware (i.e. an X Y Z coordinate files, CAD/PDF floorplans, etc.)
  • Accuracy. Up-to-date existing condition base plans, accurate asset details, and space size totals give design teams a head start
  • Expertise. Years of experience in architectural surveys, modeling, and visualization, helps us capture the right information for each unique project

Our Indoor Mapping Platform

Combining 3D laser scanning and 360° photography to provide a fast, easy snapshot of a facility. After our team surveys the property and maps out the interior using, the data is then hosted securely online. It’s an ideal approach for industrial projects.

  • Simplicity. Users of the platform virtually walk-through a digital twin of the space online
  • Clarity. Process engineers have data to make better decisions with real views instead of out-of-date plans
  • Urgency. Our simultaneous ‘Scan & Map’ method quickly captures the space, components, and conditions
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