Using the RIGHT tool for the job. 

Coast 2 Coast leverages a diverse range of equipment, software, workflows and customized project scopes. Our focus is to create a full solution with deliverable packages that help design teams create feasible renovation strategies, ensure constructibility, and minimize hidden costs because of unexpected issues.


Survey Equipment

uses simultaneous location and mapping functionality and integrates point cloud data and 360 photography into a single online platform where stakeholders can examine a digital twin of the space. The NavVis M6 Trolley a fully-integrated, cart-based system that utilizes VLP-16 LiDAR sensors and six 360º cameras.

can replace days of field measuring be used to create 2D plans, 3D models and/or a point cloud fly-through back at the office. FARO Focus 3D high-definition laser scanners capture the X, Y, Z and reflectance data points. Using the Laser Class 3R system, the verification field of view is 305º vertically and 360º horizontally. HDR profiles increase the picture quality recorded in very bright or dark environments.

are often used in modern surveying and building construction to collect measurements and create CAD drawings on site. We commonly use the LEICA Disto laser meter as well as the LEICA TCR-405 or 407 total station, which precisely measures the horizontal and vertical angles as well as the distances using laser technology.

unobtrusively acquire data for large facilities, capture inaccessible areas, and when processed post-flight, generate point clouds and orthomosaic images. Coast 2 Coast’s licensed UAV pilots fly the eBee Fixed Wing UAV from Sensefly and the Phantom 3 Pro from DJI.

By utilizing emergent technologies, Coast 2 Coast seamlessly becomes the tactical arm of your strategic team, handling much of the logistics so you focus on your end goal.

High-definition 3D scanners and drones are just the beginning. While sophisticated equipment enhances the on-site intelligence gathering, processing the data is a separate exercise unto itself and requires very capable in-house talent and complex software. There are many types of survey equipment and often just as many ways to use them. Utilizing our professional services means that you don’t have to pick just one, or learn how to properly use something new.

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