About Our Team

Our Chattanooga, Tennessee headquarters serves as home-base for our account teams, project management, operations staff, and company officers, which comprises about half of the company’s employees.  The other half of our team is geographically dispersed across the country in major metropolitan areas. This comprehensive coverage allows Coast 2 Coast to offer our services throughout the United States as well as Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean. Being able to position a team throughout North America is critical to the success of your next major initiative.

Coast 2 Coast’s national coverage and adaptability makes us an ideal partner to complete large-scale capital projects and multi-site programs.  Our organizational structure allows us to employ in-house and in-field talent across specialized teams, which means we can offer a range of solutions more effectively and with a greater level of skill. Staff engineers and architects lend their expertise to research and leverage cutting-edge tools as well as implement quality assurance techniques and best-practices. This strategic, ongoing activity allows us to exponentially expand our capacity and efficiency.

You’ll Find Us in Each Major Metro

Atlanta, Georgia
Baltimore, Maryland
Boise, Idaho
Boston, Massachusetts
Buffalo, New York
Charleston, South Carolina
Charlotte, North Carolina
Chattanooga, Tennessee (HQ)
Chicago, Illinois
Cincinnati, Ohio
Cleveland, Ohio

Dallas, Texas
Denver, Colorado
Detroit, Michigan
Houston, Texas
Indianapolis, Indiana
Jacksonville, Florida
Kansas City, Missouri
Las Vegas, Nevada
Miami, Florida
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Nashville, Tennessee

New Orleans, Louisiana
Newark, New Jersey
Oakland, California
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Phoenix, Arizona
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Salt Lake City, Utah
Seattle, Washington
St Louis, Missouri
Tampa, Florida
Washington, DC


We value the employee/employer relationship. From candidate screening to ongoing training, the investment in our team is an investment in your project.


With a fully-insured employee field team, our risk management practices are much more effective in avoiding risk transfer to clients than competitors who do not enforce strict safety and quality control processes through an employment relationship.


Investment and training in the latest equipment is key to generating great results. With cutting-edge equipment and trained experts, we’re your best allies.


We pride ourselves on being early adopters of emergent tech. Instead of spending time “figuring things out,” you’ll be leveraging the practical knowledge and constant exposure gained via real-world, daily experience of survey professionals.


We leverage a diverse range of equipment, software, workflows and customized project scopes to offer a deliverable package that will be a good fit.


We understand each project is different, and every client has different needs. Combining as-built surveys, laser scanning, modeling, immersive 360 photos, drone surveys and sign survey services provides comprehensive pre-design building intelligence.


Our clients choose us because they need a partner that adapts to their business. Coast 2 Coast is known for our versatility in executing large-scale projects.


We match our workflow and deliverables to that of our clients to become the tactical arm of your strategic team. It’s a collaborative focus that makes both teams efficient and agile.

Our Commitment

Dedicated to a culture where loyalty, respect, and integrity are fundamental, we strive to build meaningful, long-term relationships while delivering innovative, cost-effective solutions with exceptional customer service.

Professionally trained and equipped to expedite consistent, accurate site documentation solutions for a variety of projects.

Successful profitable projects. Responsive, flexible and accessible, we go the extra mile and provide clients with a safe harbor

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