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This task order will initiate standard survey services for Ace Hardware’s store surveys.
Please complete ALL fields as this helps us to expedite our service to you.

About the Survey:

The deliverable will be submitted in Coast 2 Coast AutoCAD format. Each survey will include:

  • Floorplan
  • Additional Services as requested (i.e. Gondola Outlines, Reflected Ceiling Plan, Garden Center, Lumber Area, Additional Building, etc.)


Typically surveys are completed 2 to 2 1/2 weeks.

  • Today is: 2023-01-31
  • So, our targeted due date is: 2023-02-15

If an expedited deliverable (less than a 2-week turnaround) is necessary, an additional expense/reimbursement fee may be applied.

Not sure about square footage?  Get in the ballpark in less than 30 seconds using Google Maps Measurement Tool.

Contact Us:

If you have an atypical property, a special request or need different deliverables, please contact your account manager:
Tim West
Director, Multisite
Mobile: 423-710-4714

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