19 Functions of Indoor Facility Mapping

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Coast 2 Coast provides Go360 Interior Mapping, a highly efficient tool used to digitize the indoors. Outdoors, we have access to 3D maps and GPS-based positioning, which is the basis for all location services used anywhere and on any device. But indoors, we remain offline. Even though we spend the majority of our time indoors, these spaces are 90% unmapped.

Coast 2 Coast changes that statistic.

Using Simultaneous Location and Mapping (SLAM) technology, scanning large sites takes mere hours, saving all parties involved time and money. The data collected is easily integrated with information from laser scanners and other industry tools and allows you to measure distances and analyze deviations with ease. With the Indoor Viewer, you can interact with the virtual environment from your browser, see every detail in panoramic images and create custom points of interest.

Here are 19 advantages of having a digital twin for your facility:

Digital Twin Facility Asset Management

Facility & Asset Management

1. DIGITIZE: Create a digital twin of spaces, systems and processes represented in 3D real-world view

2. DOCUMENT: A fast, easy snapshot of your facility. Map and measure large buildings and campuses with comprehensive and detailed photography

3. INVENTORY: A single click in your browser can take you from your asset database to the object’s location. Tag items with additional information for easy reference

4. LOCATE: Create preferred routes and navigate through complex facilities with ease

5. ASSESS: Capture current production setup in the environment. Document as-is status in facilities and globally share best practices

6. MAINTAIN: Provide the maintenance team with a reliable baseline of MEP equipment inventory. Evaluate condition of your assets and supply actionable information for preventive and corrective maintenance

7. IMPROVE: Enable virtual visits and invite remote experts to collaborate for improvement potential. Keep track of planned implementation measures

Digital twin Space Planning

Space Planning & Security

8. FIND: Find people, objects, and rooms faster with text search. Tag points of interest in the virtual environment and digitally provide details about rooms, devices or enable interactive functions

9. ROUTE: Target destinations fast with photorealistic guides. Define separate routes for public and secure areas

10. INFORM: Document critical emergency routes and security attributes. Guide first responders before and during their arrival to crisis situations

Digital Twin Design Planning Construction

Design Planning & Construction Management

11. ALIGN: Understand existing conditions with an inch-perfect virtual environment for Designers and Interior Architects

12. DESIGN: Activate the point cloud overlay and measure within the as-built environment for more accurate planning

13. COLLABORATE: Preview possible options and suitability for interior design choices. Online planning and task preparation help manage maintenance projects on-site and optimize workflows with outside partners

14. RECORD: Holistic and complete capture of construction documentation. Archive existing conditions from plan through completion

15. MONITOR: Track the progress of your site at different stages. Online viewing of current and past progress allows full traceability

16. MANAGE: Share your building online with remote stakeholders for better discussion, collaboration, and transparency. Attach planning information and instructions directly online

Virtualzation Presentation

Presentation & Virtualization

17. PRESENT: Fast and cost-efficient 360° presentation of real estate, campus, retail/exhibit, warehouse/distribution, factory spaces. Virtually tour a location to get a first impression or conduct a facility inspection

18. ANNOTATE: Highlight key features by creating POIs with additional information like pictures or interactive content

19. VIRTUALIZE: Simulate the showroom and generate interest by bridging the gap between online and offline experience

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