5 Solutions Aerial Surveys Bring to AEC

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Problem: Construction projects can take 20 percent longer to finish than scheduled, and on average, come in 80 percent over budget. This can be attributed to the lack of measurable productivity and if, and when, progress is being made. The industry still relies on paper to manage its processes, work products, and progress reports.

Solution: UAV Technical Surveys gather progress data on construction sites and agricultural scenarios.

Problem: In 2015, 21 percent of worker fatalities were in the construction industry, the leading cause is falling. What’s more, there have been 34 reported deaths in the past four years associated with climbing and working on communication towers, which happen year-round and in inclement weather.

Solution: Drone surveys provide inspection reports for roofs, communication and water towers, and shorelines, drastically decreasing fall-related injuries or deaths.

Problem: Many methods have been used to monitor stockpiles in a variety of quarry, agriculture and construction industries, including terrestrial and mobile laser scanning and mobile SONAR. However, these methods produce limitations such as inaccuracy, safety concerns, and time drains. Drone data is thorough, fast and safe.

Solution: Drones provide volumetric data on construction sites and quarries. By extracting measurements to generate a contour plot as a map, the image data can be interpreted in terms of volume and deviation.

Problem: Planning in construction can consist of a lot of guesswork, including renderings of the area’s surroundings. This strategy can be tedious and often unreliable.

Solution: Capturing aerial footage of a construction site displays accurate and more detailed imagery, which improves design and preconstruction workflows. Having material that reflects the actual site environment greatly enhances how the completed project will look adjacent to its surroundings; therefore, bridging the gap between concept and reality.

Problem: Imagery is key in any project, but many times it is slow-going or outdated. Furthermore, traditional imaging methods can capture what seems to look good from its point of view but fails to reveal any problems that may be in a hard-to-see area or in the site’s surroundings.

Solution: Drone imagery is very current and highly contextual. A drone flight can tell you right away if there’s an issue that would affect your project, even if it’s in the surrounding properties. With UAV Technical Surveys, you get the most current data immediately, something that traditional maps could never tell you.

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