Solutions for K-12 & Higher Education Projects

From project reconnaissance and renovation planning to site planning and facility maintenance, Coast 2 Coast works with Campus planning executives to achieve a higher level of operational efficiency.

Information is the key. Our 3D Laser Scan Surveys, Online Point Cloud Sharing tools, and Building Information Modeling services prove to ensure information is captured, actionable, and accessible.

Education Projects

3D Modeling & As-built Surveys

Many current applications use modeling as a building block for “digital twin” and “smart BIM” projects. We create foundational BIM data by developing buildings in a collaborative 3D framework.

As-built surveys determine both the building geometry and precise locations of objects. It’s a straightforward way to capture facilities data and the physical environment.

Document Archiving Services

A universal challenge in facilities is archiving building documents.  To create and maintain a successful document management program means you need a team focused on solving the “bigger problem.”

No more plan room chaos. No more outdated documents. No more lost data. We provide a full-service, turn-key solution. Digitizing & indexing files make documents accessible.

Indoor Mapping for Security

There is no one solution to campus security – every school has its own unique challenges and there is always room for improvement. It takes a holistic approach to know what you have, what you need, and what future plans should include.

Up-to-date facility data and online visualization tools connect the physical reality with security standards and provide the necessary insights for meaningful action.

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