Why use a 360º Holistic Approach to School Security Programs?

How is a 360º approach different?
It’s practical, collaborative, and accessible.

The 360 Security Assessment

  • Accessibility of the information is immediate, ongoing and mobile enabled
  • Immersive visualization – Visual inspection capability
  • Connects the physical reality and the future state of security

360 Programmatic Implementation

  • Practical recommendations from Subject Matter Experts that address security and life safety as well as workplace violence
  • Consistent evaluation that facilitates planning and development programs
  • Pre-assessment to complete design.  Multi-disciplined approach from data collection and recommendations to contract administration services and exit briefings

360 Community Utility

  • Collaborative stakeholder involvement. Transparency and visibility into critical programs meant to address access and tracking students
  • Provides context and clarity for first responders in an emergency
  • Equips school resource officers with Command and Control tools and Training tool for school leaders

Why Choose a Holistic Approach?
Tangible Value in Every Phase

Specifically Defined Needs

  • Meet with stakeholders to define the security and safety criteria
  • Site Data collection with 360 Interior Mapping at each location
  • Develop initial site conditions report

Detailed Analysis and Recommendations

  • Perform Risk Assessments and Develop Risk Assessment Report that identifies areas of concern
  • Develop a training plan for education department and school management and administration, staff, students and parents
  • Develop system-wide and school-specific recommendations for facility security upgrades

Pragmatic Program Management

  • Define a delivery methodology that meets the needs of the program and its specific context
  • Provide program management services for site upgrades
  • Provide ongoing support to the effective implementation of school security and safety changes