Why Multi-Family Housing Owners Choose Coast 2 Coast

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If you’re in the Multi-family housing industry, you know that not only is good design important, but it is critical to creating a true sense of place within the apartment community. Tenant expectations are driving trends for a more urban lifestyle environment, mixed-use amenities, expanded technology features, and green initiatives. To meet demand, many owners find it imperative to renovate and repurpose. With so much going into the project, most property owners find their new acquisition or a rehab project is behind schedule before it even begins.

That’s where we can help.  Our clients in the multi-family market know they can rely on Coast 2 Coast’s industry expertise to side-step common pitfalls and delays.

Why should you choose Coast 2 Coast to complete As-built Surveys?

1. Because you need deliverables that deliver – QUICK

  • Since our approach is relationship-focused, we supply “smart” 2D, 3D and 360º deliverables customized to aid you with estimation, optimize project management, and dramatically lessen the time needed for due diligence activities
  • As an extension of your team, Coast 2 Coast completes back-office work like drawings, construction documentation, base 3D models, etc. under your guidance

2. Because you need numbers that don’t lie – FAST

  • Knowing the true existing conditions of amenities, units and site-plans means better estimates for renovation and future maintenance costs. An exact representation takes the guesswork out of calculating furnishings, fixtures, finishes
  • As part of the due diligence process, owner and developers can decide early in negotiation if a property is a good fit by using the gathered data to complete feasibility studies and calculate ROI
  • Completed property condition assessment checklists and photo documentation will accelerate planning for facility maintenance and required upgrades

3. Because you need a partner that can adapt to the speed of your business – NOW

  • By aligning our workflow schedules and deliverables to that of our clients – whether we collect the data or use existing data formats – we collaboratively create processes that make both teams efficient and agile
  • We understand the multi-family housing industry and what’s required to get a project off to a good start
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