Project Description

The grocery industry is changing.  We see the full-service stores in rural communities to suburban stores, the multi-level stores in densely populated downtown areas, and now, there’s a new wave shaking things up: smaller-format, fresh grocery concepts. Save Mart, the parent company of Lucky Supermarkets, says it has found shoppers are turning to more specialty stores instead of the traditional grocery stores of a decade ago. Launched in 2003 by chefs Bo and Trish Sharon, Lucky’s specializes in organic, natural, gluten-free foods. They are also an ardent supporter local farmers producing organic foods and antibiotic/hormone-free meats. As-built retail survey in Colorado Lucky Supermarket Designed to offer consumers more choices including gourmet shops, farmer’s markets, as well as items found in big box stores, the supermarket’s solid growth trajectory is also paired with strategic expansions and renovations. Like many architects, store planners, and project managers throughout North America, Lucky’s has recognized the value and benefits of utilizing Coast 2 Coast during the due diligence and planning phases. Working with the Lucky Supermarket construction and design teams, as well as the engineering and architecture groups, Coast 2 Coast tailored a multi-site program that captures all aspects of the building in a concise set of drawings.[activecampaign form=5] The customized approach for establishing scope, adjusting field processes, and even determining the deliverable format, has allowed the owners to align pre-design building intelligence before an on-site visit and sidestep delays that are inevitable when coordinating schedules across multiple professional organizations.  The end product is one that fully describes the starting point of the project. Since Coast 2 Coast is not part of the design or construction process, there is no bias about the building’s construction as the survey team gathers intel. At each site, professional surveyors complete CAD drawings while on site – every structural element is verified, comprehensive mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) details are documented, fire protection, security lighting and ADA compliance matters recorded, and a full photographic inventory completed. Throughout a program, our in-house Project Manager monitors daily activities; maintains communication with field teams; and keeps the Lucky’s team apprised of project status.

From enhancements to the façade and landscaping, to the infrastructure upgrades such as new roofs and HVAC systems, each architect, engineer and stakeholder can be confident in the new designs with this type of inclusive, consistently handled, accurate documentation of the existing conditions. Coast 2 Coast is proud to be part of that team and Lucky’s ongoing expansion. Each time renovations finish and the large sign with Lucky’s philosophy that reads “We believe good food is a right, not a luxury” is hung, we are reminded of our own belief that providing good intelligence is a necessity, not an extra.