Renovations Stay on Track with As-Built Survey of Marriott Harbor Beach Resort

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What happens to a project when you have:


But no accurate floor plans?

Coast 2 Coast helps you solve the problem.

Client name:
Land Plan
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Surface Area:
618 Rooms, 58 Suites, 14 Floors
As-built Survey, Drafting Services
AutoCAD Drawings, Photographic Documentation

When Edge of Architecture selected LandPlan as the project management team for their Marriott Harbor Beach Resort and Spa renovation project in Fort Lauderdale, Florida they quickly determined they needed a better understanding of the existing conditions.  As they began to order fixtures, they immediately recognized the existing floor plans indicated different door sizes, deviations in room dimensions, rooms varied from floor to floor, etc. Understanding the need for reliable information, the Coast 2 Coast team used surveying equipment recognized and approved for instrumental precision to get the job done.  Combining the LEICA Disto laser distance meter, a LEICA TCR-405, and a 407 Total Station ensured accurate measurements.

“This was my first introduction to Coast 2 Coast based on Marriott’s recommendations and it proved to be a great choice.  They are very thorough, have the right state-of-the-art knowledge and equipment and work efficiently and effectively through the process. They are very service-oriented and treated our work as a top priority,” explained Ned Johns, LandPlan Co. Executive Project Manager. “The results of the information they provided has enabled our design team in advance to deal with existing condition challenges which will save us significant time and money in the long run.”

In addition, Coast 2 Coast created a solution that was both time and budget conscience.  Field specialists were able to scan and draft plans into AutoCAD while on-site to speed delivery.  C2C surveyed an entire “typical” floor then took a wide cross-section to verify other areas.  The phased approach integrated seamlessly into the LandPlan workflow and allowed the flexibility in scope so that other surprises could be addressed.

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