Top 5 Reasons for Architects to use an As-Built Survey Provider to Document Existing Conditions

It’s true with any project – the better you plan and the more you know, the better it goes. This is certainly the case for architects tackling commercial renovations. With the documentation of the existing conditions, stakeholders get the intelligence they need to make informed decisions about renovation and restoration projects and stay on schedule.

So, the question comes down to how will this step be addressed? With the rapid pace of projects today, firms have to quickly decide as they run through a very similar set of questions each time:

  • Do we have anything on file?
  • Are PDF plans enough?
  • Is there time to update the existing documentation?
  • Is this the best use of our team’s time?

Why should firms use a trusted as-built survey provider like Coast 2 Coast? Here are the Top 5 reasons why our clients trust us:

REASON 1: Real-world surprises slow you down and dents your budget

The reality is if you’re not starting with the “as-built truth” there will be the risk of the unknown. The investment made upfront in the survey process is more than offset when you are able to avoid delays caused by unexpected conditions.

REASON 2: A new survey will give you as-built plans that are up-to-date and without bias

As-built surveys create up-to-date documentation of the interior layout. The resulting documentation captures deviations from the architect’s original plans, changes from renovations and interior design alterations. Gone are the days of wondering whether you have the most current information about the project. Today, project stakeholders can feel confident having the most recent, most accurate documents available with as-built surveys in hand.

REASON 3: Improvements in technology require constant upgrades

Because we continually invest in our equipment to keep pace with the rapid advancements in tools, technology, and best practices, you’ll avoid the cost of maintaining and updating the equipment and software.

REASON 4: Reliable existing condition data will give your team confidence and create efficiencies

You’ll receive precision drawings faster than you’d be able to create within your own organization by leveraging the constant exposure and practical knowledge gained through real-world, daily experience of survey-focused professionals. Often AEC professionals find they spend more time trying to “figure things out” and it’s a simple matter of efficiency to contract with experts that can full a complete set of plans ahead of time.

REASON 5: As-built drawings will expedite implementation and success

With an up-to-date existing condition base plan, the design team has a huge head start achieving the end goal. You and your team can concentrate on design and project strategy instead of documentation tasks that are usually charged at a lower rate and typically require extensive travel.

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