Hotel Guestroom Hybrid Survey Drawings

A hybrid survey is defined as a full survey for each Architectural Room Type (ART) and a verification survey on remaining rooms. ARTs are unique rooms based on room and headboard wall dimensions, soffits, bump-outs, and ADA elements. If dimension differences are less than four inches and there are no major architectural differences present, the room is matched on the plan.

Scope Snapshot
  • Full Survey in each Architectural Room Type (ART)
    • Floorplans including electrical finish
    • Reflected Ceiling Plans
  • Verification and drawing compilation for remaining guestrooms
    • ART matched on drawing (rooms shown without electrical finish)
    • Dimensions of headboard wall in addition to overall room length and width
Technical data
  • Survey Method
    Laser Measure to CAD while on site
  • Deliverables
    AutoCAD Drawings, Photo Documentation
  • Equipment
    Laser Disto, Total Station

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