Industrial Model: Glycerin Plant Example

For Adaptive Reuse projects with an emphasis on historic preservation, feasibility studies and design analysis are a must. Our expert team uses 3D scanners and drones to gather precise site data and create AutoCAD plans, Revit models and Virtual Reality fly-throughs.

Scope Snapshot

Interior Elements

  • Bearing walls and Columns with sizes and properties details
  • Floor/Ceiling and Roof/Ceiling location and thickness
  • Stair and elevator locations and floor penetrations
  • Stairwell properties such as stair stringers, stair main and intermediate landings, and stairwell doors

Exterior Elements

  • Exterior wall location and thickness
  • Exterior windows, doors and architectural fenestration
  • Roof parapet and roof penthouse structures
Technical data
  • Survey Method
    Laser Scanning, Indoor Mapping, Aerial Survey
  • Deliverables
    3D Revit Model, Online Visualization
  • Equipment
    3D Laser Scanners, Drone,
  • Area Surveyed
    10 Buildings

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