Coast 2 Coast Uses LxCAM’s RFID Technology for Asset Tracking and Security

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LxCAM’s Radio-Frequency Identification technology enhances Coast 2 Coast’s facility solutions services to deliver clients with the best possible outcomes. Asset management, inventory control, work processes, and security measures are improved with the implementation of RFID technology.

In industrial environments like manufacturing and in large campus facilities, LxCAM’s proprietary low power and extended range technologies allow Coast 2 Coast to provide very economical solutions for asset management. Tracking assets with active RFID is limited due to the relatively high costs of tags compared to passive systems. Active tags can cost over 50 dollars in many cases. Passive tags, however, can cost as little as 50 cents, which greatly increases the universe of assets available for tracking by the owner.

Working with LxCAM, Coast 2 Coast has helped develop a number of system applications for greater security of students in educational settings. Coast 2 Coast provides solutions using RFID integrated with GPS to ensure student safety while riding on the school bus.

While RFID technology is equipped for retail, institutional, government and healthcare facilities, Coast 2 Coast integrates its services with the appropriate technology to create the best solution for unique cases as well. By pairing facility models and documentation with the supplier’s technology, we solve the client’s business problems with total facility solutions.

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