5 Steps to Embed Go360 Tours on Your Site

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You have your Go360 virtual tour set up, it’s automatically available on Google Maps, Google+ and your customers are moving through the business all from a simple search.  Nice.  Now, what about those customers that went straight to your website?

Easily Embed Go360 on your website in just a few steps.


Step 1: Go to maps.google.com and search for your street address. 
It’s important to remember that you’ll be looking at Google Maps, not the Google Search Engine.

Step 2: Select the default starting point for the tour.
From the search results box, simply click on the appropriate thumbnail image to bring up your tour.  Click and drag to walk around the tour until you find the perfect default view on your website or embed the project. The embed code changes each time you move within the tour. This lets you control exactly where you want the tour to begin – start in a lobby, outside, or in your most popular room.

Step 3: Open the options menu and click Embed.
This is where it gets good.  Click on the menu icon which looks like three dots found at the top left corner of the tour next to the name of the business.  Here you’ll see an option labeled “Share or Embed” which will give you a menu with two tabs.  In this case, you will be selecting the “Embed” and a new window will pop-up with all your embedding options.

Step 4: Size and preview your tour. 
Now you will select one of the sizes listed or specify a custom size.  Click on “Preview Actual Size” and a popup will appear showing you a window that is exactly the size you’ve chosen.  Repeat this step until you get the size you want. Pretty much any size is possible, so this feature can be responsive to mobile viewing. Copy the code generated, it will start with “iframe src”.

Step 5: Copy the “iframe code” and paste on your website.
Once you know where your tour will live on your website, paste in the HTML code.  This will display the self-contained Google tour. The iframe created embeds directly into your site just like any other Google Map or YouTube iframe. You can embed the tour several times to guide viewers to each of the unique areas of your facility.

That’s it!

Want to embed on Facebook too?
Additionally, you can also create a Facebook Page Tab that features the full, interactive version of your tour.  You simply install a Facebook Add-on that allows interaction with HTML code. On the top line of your Facebook business page, there are different tabs. To add a new tab that leads directly to your virtual tour you’ll need a tool like this one: http://www.socialpr.dk/lookinside/.

It is as easy as clicking on the link and following the prompts. Make sure you call your new tab something easy to understand. Something simple like VIRTUAL TOUR works well.  Once you have the plugin, you’ll go through the steps outlined here.

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