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Bank Design

No matter how we look at the trends, it is clear that the way consumers interact with banks is undergoing a fundamental change. The demand for extra features, friendlier spaces, and ultra-quick service means that branches are feeling the pressure to innovate. Modern bank branch designs center around customer engagement.

There is a significant departure from the traditional bank layout that dates back to frontier days. Financial centers are taking some cues from higher-end retailers in using lighting, shape, and color to assign functions to specific locations and guide customers through the space. Architects, designers, and brand specialists work to remove friction from the physical space so that customers move at their own pace between technology-enabled transactions and conversations with staff.

However, balancing costs is always an important consideration for any branch embarking on these types of innovations. Today, banks are looking for ways to create a quality branch without spending too much money which makes smart planning crucial to the success of the project.  Facility executives turn to Coast 2 Coast to understand the complexities of their locations.  It’s a simple solution to get corporate stakeholders, the design teams, and other service providers on the same page when it’s most important – BEFORE construction begins.

“The cost of an as-built survey in advance is a tenth of the cost of a change order on-site,” said John, the VP of Development and Major Construction.

Before planning even begins on such projects, there are a number of ways that existing condition surveys address information gaps so unknown factors will not impact the project.

  1. Provides project reconnaissance to teams before (or instead of) on-site visits
  2. Offers site-planning documentation to help manage lighting and basic security issues
  3. Captures details needed for historic preservation instances
  4. Addresses structural, MEP, and above ceiling aspects both for construction and future asset management
  5. Supplies inventories of signage, municipal code information, and ADA accommodations

When renovating a banking facility there are almost always specific requirements in regards to equipment, security, and maintaining operations in a variety of environments. The professional training of our own full-time team, in researching and developing the industry’s cutting-edge tools and techniques, and in quality assurance programs serve to facilitate consistent, accurate site documentation solutions for a variety of bank renovation projects.

We are unique in that our field surveyors are fully insured Coast 2 Coast employees selected through comprehensive screening processes. In the financial industry where trust is paramount, our risk management practices are much more effective in avoiding risk transfer scenarios for clients than competitors who do not enforce strict safety and quality control processes via an employment relationship.

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