Smart retailers are embracing the trends and renovating their brick and mortar stores.  The reimagined retail spaces attract to unique environments and personalized service. Instead of shopping at overwhelming department stores, customers are drawn to smaller, niche stores with distinctive products and aesthetics. Relaxed and friendly surroundings make customers feel at home and leave them free to wander and engage with products without the pressure of buying.

Instead of shying away from technology, more and more stores are using it to their advantage. Friendly and knowledgeable employees are equipped with devices for mobile payments or quick product information. Monitors and tablets throughout the space suggest convenience and innovation. Even online brands are finding their place in the physical world with pop-up stores, which gives them the opportunity to incorporate their online presence into a hands-on experience. Also, becoming increasingly popular are hybrid shopping spaces – stores that blend retail with food and beverages, art and service.


of purchases still happen in the store environment, despite e-commerce trends


of shoppers buying in-store if spaces facilitate personalized service


of shoppers are attracted by merchants with a physical retail location

Coast 2 Coast existing condition documents help design teams thoroughly understand project possibilities as well as potential problems at the earliest stages of a renovation project.

Interior Retail Renovation Asbuilts
Exterior Retail Renovation Asbuilts
Retail Renovation System Surveys
Retail Renovation ADA Compliance Surveys

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Both customers and retailers are becoming smarter and more strategic. Shopping today is first about the experience – the product comes second. Taking that new vision and turning it into reality can be a difficult and risky transition. It’s like any project, the better you plan and the more you know, the smoother it’s going to go. Click here to see 21 Ways As-built Surveys Make Retail Renovations Happen.

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