C-Store Updates Expedited with AsBuilt Surveys

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Convenience Store Renovations & Updates

From corporate brand roll-outs and store resets to new services and foodservice programs, Convenience Stores must regularly upgrade to add modern conveniences and meet demand.

The key to getting more for your money during renovation is attention to detail. Asbuilt Surveys help owners, store planners and project managers stay on top of those details.

Increased consumer expectations and more competition mean grabbing the attention of motorists driving and also providing an attractive store that delivers an excellent in-store experience. Revamping the layout and design of the store plays a vital role in delivering the kind of customer experience that results in increased sales and repeat business.

Coast 2 Coast surveys not only include the exterior and interior building structure but also includes such things as lighting, merchandisers, signage, cabinetry, menu boards, even the shelves and racks that display merchandise.

It’s an ideal tool to ensure a smart investment strategy from beginning to end.

How Do Asbuilts Expedite the Process?

  • Create a realistic plan and budget
    First and foremost, asbuilts capture reality. Understanding the state of the building, equipment, site, and signage are all critical to planning a successful project. If a full remodel too much to undertake, a survey will help in identifying small, but impactful changes.
  • Determine what fixture changes are needed
    Older shelving units standing shoulder to shoulder cut off sightlines while modern shelves present clean profiles that give shoppers a clear view of everything you have to offer. From updating lighting to cleaner restrooms, every little detail can make or break a customer coming back.
  • Identify immediate changes toward a larger goal
    Addressing key areas like restrooms may be a great first step in the larger project. Washroom fixtures are evolving into high-tech components that enhance the customer experience and minimizes employee cleaning hours.
  • Plot a floorplan that drives POS Purchases
    An interior remodel gives you the opportunity to redesign tight spaces and redirect foot traffic. Wider aisles, new checkout stations and smart shelf placement increase browsing time and convenience. Know where alterations are needed and the level of effort for each change.
  • Ensure signage is properly branded and in good repair
    Customers won’t look twice at signage unless it’s compelling. They will notice a new marquee across the roofline or permanent stand-alone signs that sport your logo and announce your brand to passing traffic.
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